Family angry over Linstead woman's murder

March 26, 2018
Keisha Bravo
Keisha Bravo

The family and friends of Keisha Bravo, the Linstead woman who was found murdered in St Thomas last week Monday, are finding it hard to come to grips with her death.

"Her first son drop dung two time since she dead, and her other son just lose him father violently. Now this. Right now, her likkle daughter deh beside mi and she still a cry," Bravo's mother, Ivilyn Brown, said.

According to the police's Constabulary Communication Unit, 36-year-old Bravo, a store clerk of Linstead, St Catherine, was believed to have been strangled to death in Duhaney Pen in Morant Bay, St Thomas, on Monday, March 19. Reports from the Morant Bay police are that about 7 a.m., lawmen received information that a body was seen in a shallow grave along a beach.




A suspect has been taken into custody.

Brown told THE STAR that "Sunday morning (March 18) she just get up and say, 'Mommy, me soon come'."

The grieving mother said that she heard from her daughter about 5:30 p.m. last Sunday. She said that Bravo told her that she was meeting her sister in Cross Roads, St Andrew, at 8 p.m. that same evening.

"Her sister call me after and say she nah get her. Mi next daughter end up reach home and we start worry 'cause we know a nuh she that. If we can't get her on one phone, we will get her on the other one. Next ting mi know is the man (Bravo's alleged lover) dat start call me daughter phone and a seh him put her pon bus and him nuh hear from her," she said angrily.

She stated that hours later, she called Bravo's phone and felt a sense of relief when it began ringing. However, she said that the line only opened for a few seconds before the call was ended.

"Same time mi call him (Bravo's alleged lover) phone and ask him weh me daughter deh, and him a seh, 'but mommy, mi tell yuh mi put her on a bus'," she said.

Brown stated that she reported the matter to the Linstead police, who got in contact with the police in St Thomas.

Bravo's employer and close friend, Sasha Gay Harris, said that she is still in disbelief over her untimely passing.

"Keisha just always a laugh, enuh. She couldn't hurt a fly and she nuh deserve to die like this," she said.

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