Desrene will 'Go Fah' it anywhere, anytime

March 27, 2018
The jovial Desrene 'Go Fah' Bruce.

Desrene Bruce, 61, is Mountainside's most celebrated resident.

More popularly called 'Go Fah' by most of the almost 6,000 residents of this lush St Elizabeth community, she is the trusted messenger for the entire neighbourhood.

"Everybody trust Go Fah ... if you want something delivered or collected, she will 'go fah'," said a resident Michael Brown, with a chuckle as Bruce posed proudly for a photo. "Go Fah will go anywhere for you from six in the morning until 6 p.m. any day of the week."

Go Fah provides a high level of service for anyone who lives, works, or does business in the close-knit community.

Brown told the WESTERN STAR that Go Fah makes countless trips as a messenger, going to several places.

But he said her duties also include "picking up groceries from grocery shops up the road, around the corner and down the road to include several other domestic, related tasks".




Go Fah may not be the most eloquent person, but her broad smile and the commitment with which she carries out her tasks shows that she is someone who loses herself in serving others in order to find herself.

"She don't forget anything ... she is blessed with a good memory and is able to do several errands at the same time without losing focus or the information," he said.

According to Brown and his friends, Go Fah completes each task effortlessly.

But while she may not ask for payment at the same time, rest assured that that is one part of the arrangement that she will not forget.

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