Freak accident victim needs help

March 27, 2018
Patterson explains the ups and downs he's endured since losing both his hands.
Though he cannot do regular work, Patterson does try to help himself around the house.
Courtney Patterson prepares a meal for himself at his home in Cumberland.

Courtney Patterson lost both of his arms in 2006 after he was electrocuted, while he was working on a building in New Kingston.

The harsh memories of the day are still fresh in his mind as he stated that he should have followed his mind and stayed home.

"Mi just never feel to go work and mi all tell me girlfriend, but mi still force it and go. Mi not even deh pon the building top fi five minutes when the current lick mi and is like a ball a fire mi turn inna and drop," he said.

"Everybody feel seh mi dead. Mi could hear dem but me couldn't talk. One a mi brethren come over mi and seh him can't believe we nah go bun no weed again, and is like God just give me a power and mi turn and groan and a deh so dem realise seh mi no dead," he added.

In addition to his arms, Patterson also suffered numerous burns to other sections of his body, but said he is grateful to be alive.

He stated that he used the financial compensation he received to purchase his home.




But things didn't go well for him after that as he used the rest of the money to invest in Cash Plus.

Patterson said he lost it all when the unregulated savings scheme collapsed just months after.

However, Patterson rented part of his house, hoping to make some money from that.

But now he said he is left drowning with a high water bill after his tenants have refused to pay the amount owed.

When THE STAR visited the disgruntled man at his Cumberland home in Portmore, he led the team to his tiny dwelling at the back.

"Mi settle in dis little section so me can rent out the rest a house because me can't do a regular job," he said.

In addition to the water bill which amounts to a little over $100,000, his section of the home has also been without electricity for the past month.

Patterson said he is seeking assistance from the public to clear the outstanding bills so that he can restore the services of the utility companies.

Patterson may be contacted at (876) 354-5842.

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