Sunflower seeds used to tighten vagina


April 06, 2018
Contributed Sunflower seeds

There is no limit to the lengths that some women are willing to go to achieve a 'firmer grip' during sex.

One option that they have turned to is consuming sunflower seeds.

In a video circulating since last week, a vendor, who was recorded selling a number of seeds, was asked by a woman: "Suh which one good fi di vagina?"

He responded: "The sunflower seed and the linseed mek the vagina ... sing and clap La! La! Lala! La!," to the woman's amusement.

Another vendor Sheldon, otherwise known as Herbsman, says consuming sunflower seeds helps to tighten the vagina.

"It good fi di woman sex organ cause it clean dem out and bring back di grip (tightness). Plus, it good fi nerves, suh dem can perform better," he explained.

But for it to achieve the result that most women desire, Andrea, who also sells herbs, says the seed should be combined with other products.

"Mi know it mek yu feel powerful cause me drink it and me feel powerful. (But) If yu want it work good, yu mix it wid chia seed and Irish moss," she said.


At $100 per bag, she said both men and women are demanding the sunflower seeds. Men with nerve problems use the seeds to perform better during sex.

"Right now wah deh yah suh soon gone, a tomorrow mi a go restock," she said.

But popular gynaecologist Dr Michael Abrahams said he hasn't seen any convincing evidence that sunflower seeds help to tighten the vagina.

In order to achieve a tighter vagina, he encourages women to do kegel exercises, and in extreme cases where the vagina has been damaged, surgery may be required.

"That (kegel exercise) can make the muscle extremely strong if you are disciplined enough to do it, but many persons want a quick fix to tighten it," Abrahams told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Most of these drugs and things that they tell you about don't really tighten it per se. What they do is to affect the dryness in the vagina or the texture of the wall of the vagina. To tighten the vagina, what you have to do is strengthen the vagina muscles and they don't really do that," he continued.

But Abrahams said that although some women are adamant that their vaginas need tightening, he believes nothing is wrong with some of them.

"Most of them don't require surgical manipulation at all. For some of them, maybe their partners tell them stuff so they feel inadequate," he said.

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