Soca fanatic keeps coming back

April 09, 2018
Road March participants with Xaymaca band show their nationality.

Although he has never been in the actual parade, O'Neil Smith has been revelling on the sidelines of carnival Road March for the past 17 years.

"I have been to all of the events leading up to Road March but me never buy a costume and join in. But it feels nice to be mixing with the rich every year," he said.

Giving The STAR his best recollections of the soca season, Smith labels Byron Lee's carnivals as his most memorable.

"Byron never give no segregation. His truck was the one whe everybody love because no divider not there. You couldn't tell who was poor or rich. Me a ghetto youth and we never diss anyone or no one ever look down on us," he said.

He further stated that although he is a true dancehall fan, he always anticipates the carnival season.

"Dancehall is all year ting but soca a just one time fi di year. Me never see anyone or hear say anyone dead at any other events. Security always up to standard and the police dem full a manners" he said.

The Kingston 20 resident said although he is self employed and doesn't depend on the season for an income, he is grateful for the financial boost to the economy.

"A nuff little man get fi hustle right after the Easter when the kids dem fi go school. No poor man no invest Inna this so me really grateful to all a di rich people dem who does not give us the live cash but help build the country," he said.

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