Family man disappears without a trace

April 10, 2018

Approximately six years ago Glenford Smith settled in with his family in Lluidas Vale after a long day's work. He later ventured outside sometime after 9 p.m., but he has not been seen since.

Today, his family and the entire St Catherine community are left perplexed as they continue to search for their loved one who disappeared without a trace.

His sister, Esther Gordon, who spoke on behalf of the family, told THE STAR that her brother, a furniture maker, had just returned home after working for a week in Montego Bay, St James.

"He was last seen August 16, 2012, after he came in from work. His girlfriend said that he went outside in the night, and when she woke up a little after midnight, the door was still open but he was not there," she said.

Gordon said that an alarm was raised, and the family and other community members searched for Smith without any success.

"Him just disappear. No sign a him. Everything was in place at home, and even his cell phone was still there. Sometimes people would call and say dem see him, but when we go to the location, it's nothing like that," she said.

She said that the matter was reported to the Lluidas Vale Police Station, but years later there are still no leads or information into the disappearance of the father of two.

Gordon said that there have been numerous speculations and rumours, one of which states that he may have been a victim of witchcraft. However, his sister said that she does not believe that is the case.

"I really don't know what happened, but I believe he is alive. But it is weird for him to disappear like that because he is a family man. He was the breadwinner for the family, and he loved his kids. He would never leave them like that," she told THE STAR.

Gordon said that since her brother mysteriously 'vanished', their mother fell ill and is yet to recover.

"It rough on her because she loves all her children. His children are not taking it well. He was not there for even his son's graduation and his daughter is finding it hard to cope at school sometimes," she said.

Gordon said that she is imploring the police to continue with the investigation and leave no stone unturned until they get a result.

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