Welder rescues mom with three-wheel creation

April 20, 2018
Alvern Simpson goes up a hill with his vehicle.

When Alvern Simpson saw his mother making numerous trips to the river with a bucket on her head, he knew he had to step in and make a difference.

He knew he could not afford to buy her a car, so he decided to use pieces of scrap metal to create a three-wheel motorcycle.

"Me know me haffi do something to help her, so being a welder me just get some scraps of metal and other materials and build the three-wheel boogie," he said.

The three-wheel vehicle is engine operated and can easily conquer the hills of Cheapside, St Elizabeth.

His mother's water woes are now over as his creation can carry up to 12 buckets or a drum of water which is enough to last for a few days. The three-wheel vehicle is also a 'saviour' to other residents, especially the elderly, market vendors and pregnant mothers.




"It's cheaper when the market people take my vehicle because the taxi men or bus sometimes charge them all a grand for the load, and I will take five bills for the same amount. A nuh all the time me charge them, but if them give me a ting for gas me will take it," he said.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he wants to build four more of his three-wheel boogie, but said that he is lacking the resources.

"Me would a help with the garbage collecting because although the garbage truck pass through, a lot of people still burn their rubbish because the truck can't reach in the lanes and likkle crevices dem. Me nuh really like when di garbage dem burn cause the smoke will sick people. But nuff a dem nuh have no choice," he said.

In addition, Simpson stated that he would like to build a few of the vehicles to give the youth in the community for them to use as a source of income.

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