Gamblers rush lucky Lotto spot

May 15, 2018
Errol Sheppy, managing director of Medifair Pharmacy.

Gamblers from across the western region have converged at Medifair Pharmacy in Montego Bay to see if lady luck will be favourable to them. This comes after one lucky customer spent $200 dollars on a Super Lotto ticket and win $180.9 million last Friday.

Had the customer bought the $300 ticket, he would have won $301.5 million.

“From lotto come out, is here mi a buy. Is a lucky spot so mi not surprised,” said 68-year-old Ebeneezer White, as he waited his turn to purchase his numbers. “I buy Cash Pot and win here all the time, but now I going back to the Lotto.”

Another customer said that she used to buy at a location in her community in Norwood, but has decided to try and change her luck.

“I hear is the lucky spot long time but did not pay it any mind. But after Friday, if I can't come, I will send somebody to buy here,” she said. 

According to Errol Sheppy, managing director of Medifair Pharmacy, his company, which is in the heart of the Montego Bay business district on Market Street, has been selling Lotto tickets from the early days of the Jamaica Lottery Company, now Supreme Ventures.

However, it was the first time that a Super Lotto winning ticket was being sold at the location.

“Since then, we have seen a rapid increase in customers, rushing in to get their Lotto tickets for a chance to be in the winner’s circle,” he told WESTERN STAR.

“Everybody is ecstatic. Many people treat Medifair as family, and now they are happy that the family has brought home the beacon by selling the winning super lotto. New and retuning customers are purchasing regular and Super Lotto tickets, making sure they have an equal chance at the jackpot. This is not the first time we are selling winning Lotto tickets, but we have never had this kind of rush for tickets before. Sales have increased in our business the moment the announcement was made on Saturday,” he added. 


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