Man allegedly punches nine-year old for breaking truck window

May 15, 2018

A St James man who was hauled before the St James Parish Court for allegedly punching a nine-year-old boy, who he accused of breaking his truck window, has been ordered to attend mediation sessions with the child's mother.

Andrew Watson, who is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, was given the mediation order and had his bail extended after he appeared before presiding parish judge Sandria Wong-Small.

The allegations are that on April 4, Watson confronted the child complainant and accused him of breaking one of his truck windows. Watson allegedly punched the child in the chest, resulting in bruising and swelling.

The child reported the matter to his mother, who then made a report to the police. Watson was subsequently arrested and charged.


Judge's Advice


When the case was mentioned in court, Wong-Small recommended to the child's mother that the matter be taken to mediation in order to protect the child from the rigours of a trial.

"If it is that the matter will go to trial, there are certain things that he [complainant] will have to do, and in order not to subject him to those things, there are other things that can be done. I am going to set a mention date, and in the meantime, you and Mr. Watson will be sent to the mediation office," said Wong-Small.

The case was subsequently set for mention on June 27, at which time both Watson and the complainant's mother are expected to take a report of their progress to the mediation centre.

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