Roy Winston Cardouza: the consummate community man

May 15, 2018
Roy Cardouza
Joyce Cardouza, widow of Roy Cardouza, (left) and their two children Karen and Jason.

The community of Granville in Trelawny on Saturday said goodbye to one of its stalwarts, Roy Winston Cardouza.

Cardouza, who was born on June 30, 1940 in Crooked River, Clarendon, made Granville his home. The man known for his love of sports, especially cricket and wrestling, died on April 9. He was 77.

At his thanksgiving service held at William Knibb Baptist Church on Saturday, Yvonne McFarland referred to him as the consummate community man.

"There was nothing that he was capable of doing for Granville that he did not do. He died suddenly, but I am sure he was planning his usual Christmas treat for the children. Here was a man who would check the church's calendar to see when he was going to be needed to provide transportation," McFarland said.

Roland Gordon, who delivered the remembrance, also spoke about Cardouza's community spirit.

"Roy, a jovial person, took it on himself to make you laugh. He was kind outside of the ordinary. This was a man who would be driving to Falmouth, and as far as is possible would stop to offer a lift, and say, 'Come in the car, and take the weight off your feet.' Everybody knew him and could speak of his kindness."

Karen, Cardouza's daughter born to Joyce, his wife for 56 years, recalled, in the eulogy, how her father always made his four children laugh.

"He would put plastic creatures in our bed and laugh at us as we screamed after removing the sheets. Everybody knows our dad in different ways, a true, neighbour, a generous stranger who would have given some food or money. He loved everybody, but the special love was for our mother, Joyce," she said.

Cardouza's body was interred in the Martha Brae Cemetery.

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