Farmer on assault charges to see psychiatrist

May 21, 2018


A St James farmer who reportedly attacked and injured another man has been sent for psychiatric evaluation and treatment, after he made a bizarre request while in the St James Parish Court.

Presiding judge Kacia Grant made the order in relation to Odio Anderson, who is charged with assault, and also revoked his bail and remanded him in police custody.

The allegations for which he was before the court were not outlined.

"Mr Anderson, are you before me for any other matters?" asked Grant.

"Yes, ma'am ... I would only ask if I could be provided my own journalist to publicise it," Anderson replied, drawing chuckles from the courtroom. "It is only one other matter I know of, but that matter is finished."

The male complainant then asked the judge to send Anderson for a psychiatric evaluation "because he is going to kill somebody", the clearly aggravated complainant declared.

But Anderson made a counteraccusation that he had been attacked by the complainant's friends.

"His friends hit me repeatedly in the head and I passed out, and he knew of it and didn't do anything," said Anderson.

The court was subsequently told by Anderson's sister that he had begun behaving oddly ever since their mother's recent death.

"I am going to do something this morning that you are not going to like ... I am going to have a doctor examine you. I am requesting a psychiatric evaluation and treatment, and I am revoking your bail and remanding you in custody," Grant told Anderson, before setting the case for mention on June 29.

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