WEDA looks to development Westmoreland

May 22, 2018
Mark Titus photo The ground work for the Labour Day project is already under way.
Mark Titus photo Mark Anthony

A group of young entrepreneurs and other volunteers from the Westmoreland Environment Development Association (WEDA) from several communities and sectors across the parish, will join hands to erect a bus stop at the Toll Gate crossroads in Frome on Labour Day.

According to Mark Anthony, president of the two-month-old association, his organisation is moving to have a positive impact on development across the parish, particularly through volunteerism.

"WEDA was established in March of this year and we are now on our second project, the first was the resurfacing of the Nancy pond junction main road which was riddled with huge potholes," said Anthony in an interview with the WESTERN STAR.

"What you see here is the preparatory for our Labour Day project, which will see us constructing a much-needed bus shed for the people of Toll Gate and the environs," he said.

Anthony said building the structure is estimated to cost approximately J$200,000, but lauds the contribution of individuals and several businesses including Grange Hill Hardware and 3D Concrete who have committed to providing most of the building material for the project.

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