Geraldene needs a place to call home

May 25, 2018
Geraldene Douglas's broken down house at Rosewell, Clarendon.

Mother of four Geraldene Douglas is anxious about the upcoming rainy season. Douglas, who lives in Rosewell, is in a house that is falling apart, and she is already anticipating the impact the rain will have on the family when it comes.

"When it rains, the roof leaks. there are cracks in the walls. When wind blows, the wall shakes, and I sometimes wonder if the house will come tumbling down," she told THEWEEKEND STAR.

Adding to their discomfort is the fact that the family does not have bathroom facilities.

"The children cannot go to school when it rains hard as the water rises under the flooring and some of the boards are falling apart," Douglas said, sharing some of her many challenges.

Without a job and having to shoulder the burden alone, the 42-year-old mother said she is desperately in need of some assistance.

Douglas, who said she is doing the best she can with the hand that she has been dealt, said she only has a coal stove, which she uses to prepare her meals outside.

"I am in need of a house, and worse, I have got notice from where I am living now ... . as bad as it is, it was somewhere to lay my head," she said sadly.

Douglas said she wrote to Food For the Poor asking for assistance, but with so many reaching out to them, she can understand why she has not yet been contacted.

For that reason, she is taking her plight to the public's attention, hoping that somehow, she will get the help she needs.

"I badly need somewhere to live. If I can get help to even build a structure, I would be grateful," she said.

Persons willing to assist Geraldene may contact her at 1-876-474-9636.

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