Woman robs babyfather

June 12, 2018

A St James woman who reportedly stole J$73,000 from her babyfather's bank account was lucky to receive a no-evidence ruling from the St James Parish Court after the complainant decided to drop the matter.

Camille Watson was charged with simple larceny and breaches of the Cybercrimes Act.

The court was told that between January 22 and February 15, Watson took the money from the complainant's account without his knowledge or consent.

When he finally discovered her deception, the police were called in and she was arrested and charged.

But, in an unusual turn of events, the complainant told presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small that he did not wish to proceed any further with the case.

"Has this affected your relationship in any way?" asked Wong-Small. "No," the complainant replied.

"You different, bad," she replied.

Wong-Small, however, told the complainant that the issue is likely to cause further problems in their relationship.

"Ma'am, they have elected not to prosecute you for both of these offences," she then addressed Watson before allowing her to leave the courtroom.

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