Schoolgirls flocking wholesale to buy sex toys

June 29, 2018

Schoolgirls are flocking a wholesale in downtown Kingston to purchase sex toys. This is according to a female employee of the establishment.

"We never used to waan dweet, enuh, but dem say as long as we wrap dem up all inna three scandal bag, dem good. Me feel a way to do it more time," she said.

She said the schoolgirls are usually 'bare faced' and aren't afraid to purchase their favourite toys directly.

"Dem braver than me and you miss. When the boss a say we fi wrap it up, them already bawl out which one dem want or dem ask if them can see dem to inspect them, but we no normally give dem if whole heap a people inna di store," she said.

The wholesale is not for the faint of heart though, as upon entering, one is readily greeted with the different types of sexually stimulated toys.

Huge dildos of different shapes and colours hang in displays. Bullets, fake vagina, vibrators, handcuffs and sex dice are also on display.




"Dem buy all type a things enuh, but them schoolas ya look like dem involve in a bag a freaky sh*t. We have dildo weh come in like a strap-on but it come in panty forms, so yuh can just put in on and do yuh ting and a it a dem favourite. Dem save up or make up and buy it for the $5,000 and go do dem ting," she said.

According to children's activist Betty-Ann Blaine, children under 18 should not be able to purchase sex paraphernalia and urges the authorities to set guidelines as to what are on display in the public space.

"The same way a child should not be able to purchase alcohol if he/she is underage, the same rule should apply to this. I don't care if the age of consent is 16 because a 16-year-old is not an adult. These things should not be on display in establishments that children are allowed in," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR did not see any teenagers purchasing any of the products, but it caught the attention of at least two different groups of students from popular Corporate Area schools.

While one set spied on the products from the outside, the other group went inside for closer inspection.

"Dat look like it will shift yuh womb, eeh goodie?" one said, pointing towards a doubled-headed dildo.

Her friend quickly responded by jokingly asking if she wanted to find out. Upon seeing the glaring stares from other shoppers, they quickly scampered away.

According to the employee, toys are not the only sex material sold. Selected persons can easily stock up on sexual enhancers, including Spanish Fly, Black Stone and Viagra.

"We no sell everybody still because a black market ting dem but we have we customers dem," she said.

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