Rabbit blood bath saves cop

July 06, 2018

Corporal John Doe* walks around with a small purple handkerchief in his wallet and a tattered bracelet around his right arm. He claims that both of them have supernatural powers.

The cop says he nearly lost his life to testicular cancer, brought on by obeah two years ago. And were it not for a skilled healer man, he would not have been able to stave off the attack.

"When me join the force 14 years ago, some of my friends and families told me that I needed to get 'loaded', but me never pay them no mind cause no man never did a go get me hands dirty inna obeah," Doe said.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he had made his name as a 'killer cop', having wiped out some of the nation's criminals.

"Me kill couple people well since me join the force. A nuh nothing fi boast bout, but none a the man dem never innocent," he said.

The cop is convinced that his near-death blow came as a result of him being a 'killer cop'.

"One of the guy's mother did tell me say me life nah go be the same but me never pay her any mind cause me think she did just a vent, and me no superstitious," he said.

Time passed and the cop almost forgot those words. But that all changed when he found himself at death's door.

"Me notice say round me groin start hurt me but me a say it look like me did a go hard. When me start getting a lump me a say it look like a girl shot me so me go doctor," he said.

Doe said that while the painkillers stopped the pain, the lump grew even bigger and became visible through his clothing.




"I had to make my pants bigger. Sometimes the females dem would see the bulge and big me up, but a pity dem never know say me sick. It start get bad to the point where I had to take time off. When me go back a doctor, dem a tell me say me have testicular cancer," he recalled.

The 42-year-old said that his condition deteriorated drastically.

"I was given a short period to live. It's strange this minute I was OK, and within two months I was practically bedridden. The pain was unbearable and I was beside myself for weeks. I was told by my mother that I had passed out on several occasions. I literally picked out my burial clothes. I knew I'd rather die than endure the pain, but my mother never gave up," he said.

Doe told THE WEEKEND STAR that his mother sought spiritual guidance from a reader man who came to visit the house.

"As soon as he entered my room, I remember him hitting me so hard in the stomach but I never felt his blow. He began speaking in a different language and that was all I remember," he said.

The policeman said he didn't feel any better but his mother still had not given up hope.

"She took me to the man's home and I was left outside to sleep for a night, and all the time he kept saying: 'Try nuh come tru me gate eno'. I didn't see what he was speaking to but I figured it was an evil spirit," he said.

The cop said he spent three days getting spiritual cleansing, including the bathing in rabbit blood. He also had to drink several herbs.

"The rituals were different and everyday him beat me with Joseph Coat and chant round me. When me time up, him pray for me and send me home with the bracelet and the kerchief, and tell me don't ever go anywhere without it," he said.

"When me go back a doctor, dem run all type a test and all a dem came back cancer negative. Now, me convinced say the woman did try kill me for her son and me convert as it relates to obeah. Right yah now a whole heap a people believe in it, more than God," the cop said.


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