Kartel always positive about his appeal - Sikka Rymes


July 11, 2018
Gaza member and Vybz Kartel protege, Sikka Rhymes.

Sikka Rymes, one of few people from the Gaza with visiting privileges to incarcerated entertainer Vybz Kartel, is happy that the appeal process has begun and says the convicted deejay awaits his freedom.

During a visit to the community yesterday, he told THE STAR: "From before the appeal did even start, me did confident from day one say everything a go be a success."

After Monday's development, Sikka said he is even more confident.

Sikka said: "That just mek me know say the boss a come home, zimi, as weh him always say, home!"

He said the community has been waiting for Kartel.

"Seven years now the community miss him. Right now the community dying fi see him," he said.

Sikka, who last visited Kartel just before the start of his appeal, told THE STAR that Kartel has always been positive about his appeal, especially lately.

"Him always positive. There was an original starting date for the appeal and it was pushed back and di boss just always say six months better than 35 years. See deh now, the appeal process start," he said.

When asked if he has visualised the day Kartel makes his return to the area, Sikka could not contain his joy.

He said, while laughing: "Weh ya say, man? Mi picture da day deh. Mi a wonder if mi a go deh ya fi da day deh."

The entertainer, known for singles Up Move, Success and Run Go Fi Strap, featuring Kartel, told THE STAR that he will leave for a show in Canada on July 28.

- A.W.

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