Reggae Soul child wants to do it for the ladies.


July 14, 2018
Tanice Morrison, better known as Reggae Soul Child

Tanice Morrison, better known as Reggae Soul Child, was raised in the parish of St Ann.

"If I win this competition, I would hope to use my platform to continue to inspire women and children," said Soul Child, who was raised by a single mother.

"I understand that women are often victimised, but I also believe that not enough young boys are taught to love themselves and others. It seems to me they are at times neglected and end up being left behind."

The artiste said that should she win the competition, she would use her new-found platform to help create programmes through which young children, boys specifically, could receive mentorship as it is her belief that this would remedy many of the issues within Jamaican society such as obstacles faced by the Jamaican family.

She names Marcia Griffiths as a huge influence on her creativity and also admires former winners Abbygaye Dallas and Heather Grant. It was her strong affinity for music and independent spirit that led to her 2010 album release titled No Limitations, a project that was independently produced and distributed.

Having received overwhelmingly positive responses from audiences thus far, Reggae Soul Child sees no reason to doubt her chances of emerging victorious with her entry, Jamaica You Nice Enuh.

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