Mother gets daughter's remains from hospital

July 17, 2018
Nadine Evans shows a photo of her daughter, Carell White, who died on December 19, 2017. She is yet to be buried.

After a seven-month battle with a distraught mother, a Corporate Area hospital has finally given the green light for the body of Nadine Evans' daughter, Carell White, to be released to her.

"I am not sure what they will get out of the autopsy because it was supposed to be done when the body was fresh. I had to identify her by teeth. I believe they allowed her body to deteriorate like that because this way it wouldn't show how they rip her up to get her kidneys out," she said.

White, 31, died on December 19. Before her death, she reportedly told her mother that medical personnel had taken her kidneys and replaced them with defective ones.

Meanwhile, in the months that Evans waited for the body to be released, she was told that she had to pay storage fee to a morgue each day the body was there. However, she refused to pay,

The hospital has since agreed to foot the expenses and release the remains to Evans.

However, she is still mortified by the condition of her daughter's remains.

"The funeral home said they told autopsy authorities at the hospital to contact the relatives when they realised the body was falling apart. In one of the pictures that I saw, her toes had fallen off. She is in a really bad state," she said.

White will be buried at a family plot in Glengoffe, St Catherine, on July 29.

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