Mr Tie The Knot ... Bishop Terrence Gordon has done more than 21,000 weddings

July 17, 2018

Bishop Terrence Gordon has done more than 21,000 weddings

With more than 21,000 nuptials under his belt, senior marriage officer Bishop Terrence Gordon has done more marriages than any other member of the clergy islandwide.

Gordon, who hails from Spring Hill in south St James, is easily Jamaica's most celebrated, and sought-after marriage officer. He has presided over most of the high-profile ceremonies involving internationally recognised personalities.

"I have now enjoyed in excess of 21, 000 ceremonies, which I don't think anybody else has such record yet. That record consists of 17,403 legal ceremonies and 3,600 renewal of vows, which is a total of 21,000," Reverend Gordon told the WESTERN STAR.

"I do a lot of movie stars' weddings from time to time, some of the most famous Hollywood personalities have been to our lovely island for that special moment," he said.

"Recently, I married Justin Bieber's father (Jeremy) at the Silent River Villa in Great River, Hanover, and within 48 hours after the wedding, nearly three million people respond to it via his Instagram page," Gordon said.

Yet, that was not the most memorable ceremony he has presided over in his 44 years as a marriage officer.

most chilling wedding

"The most chilling wedding I can recall is when I marry a very poor woman, just started out to serve God, had five children, living in a room that is about 10x10, only dirt on the floor, no concrete, no tile, no board," the senior marriage officer revealed. "When I looked at the condition of this woman, my heart wept and we had to provide her with everything ... from the ring to dress, to everything; her wedding is one of those that I am so proud to be associated with."

Although he charges a fee for his services, Gordon does not see his work as a business.

"What I earn from marriage goes into ministry, a lot of my earnings goes into ministry, because I don't like to see people around me suffer. I provide for people - clothing, food and shelter; I take people as my priority more than anything else," he said.

He added: "I never charge any member of a church a dollar to marry them. It doesn't matter if it is not my church, as long as it's a church I am associated with, I do it free," Gordon continued. "I have never charged a staff that work with me to marry them. I have done countless amounts of marriages for people from communities without charging them a dollar."

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