Christian ready to cast out sex demon - Says Jesus can deliver woman who spent $1 million on obeah

July 18, 2018
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Wayne Bachelor
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Brother Wayne Bachelor says Jesus can get rid of sex demons.

After reading about Mary Brown's* 30-year battle with demons in THE WEEKEND STAR, 'Brother' Wayne Bachelor says God has given him the power to remove the darkness from around her free of cost.

According to Bachelor, with the help of the Almighty, he has been able cast out dozens of unclean spirits.

"I have spoken with her and prayed for her. I have asked to meet with her, but she said she will have to see the results of my prayer. I am not forcing her, so I am waiting on her to get back to me," he said.

In last Friday's article, Brown said that she had visited various mediums to rid herself of the demons that have been plaguing her for three decades. She admits to seeking assistance from the church, but said that she had spent at least $1 million to obeah men to free herself of a succubus (male sex demon) that has remained latched to her for 10 years.

"Out of frustration, Brown has tried all that she know, but what she was doing was actually invoking more spirits on herself when she visit the obeah men and used all the different remedies that they gave her. Only Jesus Christ can deliver her - none of those people can. The only thing the obeah man do is to invoke a stronger demon to chase away the weaker ones. That's the reason why people will get a ease for a while but not forever," Bachelor told THE STAR.

According to Bachelor, who currently worships at an Apostolic church in Craig Town, St Andrew, he was also caught up in the demonic world and would often wear guard rings and other ornaments given to him by obeah men, but realised that he was only attaching more demons to himself. He, however, got baptised again, and said that he hasn't looked backed since.

"All the little money in my NCB bank book me draw out, and it just never work out. We just cannot have God and the devil in our lives as leaders. You just can't worship an idol with God and expect the best results. It won't happen," he said.




He stated that he is imploring Brown and others to desist from visiting and taking part in these rituals. He quoted numerous Bible verses as he warned persons against the practice of witchcraft.

"Only Jesus name alone the devil is afraid of because there is power in Jesus name. You have been appointed by God to move demons. There are a lot of sex demons in Jamaica and the world, so that is why the place is full of gays and lesbians. This woman needs to seek God. There are a lot of persons who want the deliverance but want to return to their old ways and it doesn't work like that,' he said.

Emphasising that he does not work for financial benefits, Bachelor said that he doesn't need to meet with an individual or visit a household to rid persons of demons. He also added that he has been able to deliver persons who reside overseas by just praying on the phone with them.

"If they are calling to expect a 'read up', I will not do it nor will I advise anyone to buy any oils at the drugstore. I will not tell them to go take a bathe or burn any candles because that will never ever help a situation. I am willing to pray for people but the Lord will show me who because a lot of times there are persons who partake in a lot of demonic activities and God will just allow them to face their 'beatings'," he said.


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