Look out for perverts - Barmaid warns job seekers

July 24, 2018

A Manchester woman said she is warning job hunters, especially bartenders, to be on the lookout for tricksters who are posing as potential employers.

"Whole heap a wolf and pervert a walk round. A lucky me lucky me escape safe, and me will never do a next bar work again," said Kim*.

Kim stated that little less than a year ago, she relocated to work at a hotspot in St Catherine after being unemployed for seven months.

Kim said the new job came with an attractive package, which included accommodation and food, and paid at least $4,000 more than what she was accustomed to taking home.

"When him (her employer) pick me up a Spanish Town, him seem decent but him tell me say me reach two days early cuz the next bartender never check off yet so him a go gwan make me stay a him house in the spare room. When him tell me say him wife overseas, it never bother me because the house full a woman clothes," she said.

After working the first week, Kim said she was told that she would have to work another week because the other bartender was dismissed.

"Me still never find it strange because me know how bar ting go and me a say at least me money good for a next week. Me run out a clothes though and him give me some new outfits and say a him wife own dem but she never wear them yet," she said. Things were going fine until her boss' behaviour changed.


Bought sexy panties


"When yuh a do bar work, yuh have to flirt with the customers so dem can buy, but Mr Man wouldn't have it at all. Him all waan run out the customers dem and say dem nah professional and me start wonder if him is a madman," she said.

Kim said her boss even bought sexy panties for her. But things got out of hand when she woke up one night to find him masturbating while standing over her.

"When him realise say me catch up on him, di man jump in the bed side a me and a say him wa me 'help him out'," she said.

Kim said out of fear, she allowed him to have his way with her. The following day, she left out for work but returned to Manchester.

"Me just cut ya man because me go thru a whole heap doing bar work but me never had to have sex with anyone for it," she said.

She later found out from one of her customers that her former boss was never married and never lived with a female.

"Me all find out say a regular ting for him to deh with him staff and him probably think I was the same ting," she said. "A bare sick people deh a Earth ya man."

*name changed

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