'Di fish dem a hide' - Rocky Point vendors lament slow sales

July 25, 2018
Carland Ricketts

The tide is high for the fish vendors in Rocky Point Fishing Village in Clarendon.

In addition to being plagued by thieves and not having potable water on the shores, fishermen at the village said that they are not seeing much fish.

"Right ya now, mi nah make no money, but is a good ting mi know how to save for days like these so mi family can survive. Right now, mi just have to a eat what me did save up 'cause tings tight, fish scarce. The fish dem either short inna the sea or dem good at escaping the net or a just the wind yaa man," a frustrated Carland Ricketts said.

When THE STAR team visited, Ricketts was just one of several vendors who sat hoping for better days.

There were very few buyers, and a few of the vendors played a few board games to 'kill' time. Ricketts sat with a few friends outside of his fishing hut, trying to catch a sale.

His freezer is half-filled with parrotfish and wenchman.

"This small compared to what mi used to have. A bare small fish mostly deh a sea, so right ya now mi have to a sell out cheap. More time we set we pot and the current take it way. It's just a waste a time and gas more time, but one a the worst ting is when we get a little ting and man come rob it," he said.

But even with lower-than-expected returns, the vendors are not giving up.

"Nobody nah go just sit down and feel sorry for themselves, enuh. Every day we a come out same way, and if a one pound a parrot sell, a just that. In every business there are ups and down, but right now the fish dem just a hide cause dem have feelings and sense. A hurricane season, so dem gone take cover," Ricketts said.

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