A ray of hope for Tishaunie - Charity group gives bright youngster $500,000 scholarship

July 27, 2018
Tishaunie Morgan (centre) and his parents, Margaret Morgan (left) and Irvin Morgan.


Tishaunie Morgan, a youngster who recently copped a spot at Glenmuir High School in Clarendon, will be getting major financial assistance from the James and Friends Education Programme, a charity group also based in the parish.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR earlier this week, CEO of the non-profit organisation Otis James said that he was moved after watching a video of Morgan that had been posted on The Gleaner's website.

Despite living in abject poverty with his father and ailing mother, young Tishaunie managed to triumph over his trials and excelled as the top boy at the Mocho Primary and Infant School.

"The foundation has given him a $500,000 scholarship, which will take care of his tuition for five years, and if he continues to excel, we will also be paying for his studies at sixth form and university," James said.

Tishaunie's story is one of determination. The former Mocho Primary deputy head boy topped his class for years although he was not doing well, emotionally. His days usually end with assisting his mother, Margaret, with cooking and other chores.




When James visited the family, he stated that he was touched by the way the youngster cared for his mother, and it instantly reminded him of his younger years.

"I grew up worse than him. I used to sleep in the May Pen Market. I used to push handcart. I didn't know any father. It was just my mother alone, and she died from cancer 14 years ago. When I saw how this little boy cared for his mom, it really moved me because that is the exact way I feel about my mother," he said.

James stated that Tishaunie's parents must be commended for how dedicated they are to their son. In addition, he said that the foundation would pay for his mother's medical fees for a year while she is receiving treatment at the Cutting Edge Oasis Medical and Surgi-Centre.

"She will make her first doctor's visit on Friday (today). She is very ill, and it's the least we can do. The operators of National Self-Serve Wholesale, through the foundation, also provided the family with a shopping spree," he said.

The James and Friends Education Programme started 14 years ago and has assisted more than 200 families to date.

"We are really grateful for the assistance that we have received from all the sponsors. All of them are giving these children a shot at life through education," he said.

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