Single father refuses to give up on autistic twins

July 27, 2018
David Farquharson and his twin boys, Romarley (right) and Jahmarley.

Single father David Farquharson is seeking financial assistance to take care of his autistic twin sons, Romarley and Jahmarley. Farquharson has been the sole caregiver for the eight-year-old boys since they were only a few months old. He claims their mother left after finding out they were ill.

"She tell me say the doctors said they were sick, but she leave before them could walk, so a just me alone with them. Me love me son dem, and me would move the world for them, but me just can't manage alone right now," he said.

The father told THE WEEKEND STAR that he sometimes works as a gardener but has been unable to do so on a regular basis because he currently suffers from a broken hip.

"Me get in an altercation with a man after him teef some material out of me yard, and him push me over in a gully, and me get serious injuries. All now me hip nah work good. Me did try go back out go work, but the doctor dem say me a pressure it too much, so that's why it nah heal properly," he said.

Jahmarley is enrolled in school, but Romarley is not.

"Romarley never go school yet because him autistic bad. Him nuh understand simple instructions. Me really want him start go to a special school. A since year dem all start get dem first set a vaccines, but me would really want Romarley to go school like him brother," he said.

Farquharson's love for his sons is evident as he gently hugs and calms them whenever they get overly anxious. The twins also have another man's surname, but this does not prevent Farquharson from caring for his children.

"Is another man name she (the mother) put on the birth certificate and a tell me say a mistake, but me know is no mistake. I know they are my children, and me nah give up on them. More time me try call her, and she nuh ansa. But me need her to come and change the name on the birth paper so me can sort out me kids properly," he said.

Farquharson said that seeking financial assistance was the last thing on his agenda, but he does not see another way out.

"I would still push the effort and go work although me not in the best shape, but it hard to leave them because I have to watch them a lot. Me nuh waa leave them at people yard because a nuh everyone a go understand dem behaviour," he said.

Persons wishing to assist Farquharson and his sons may donate to David Andrew Farquharson's National Commercial Bank account: 234-061-348.

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