Theresa Reid Edwards: Serving God was her top priority

July 31, 2018
Pall-bearers from Marriot's Funeral Home carry the casket bearing the remains of Theresa Reid Edwards to her final resting place in the Duanvale Cemetery.

Theresa Ethelda Reid Edwards was never afraid of death. Marcia Dawkins-Brown, in delivering the eulogy at her thanksgiving service, quoted her as remarking, "Death for the Christian is not a journey into the unknown, or a lonely walk in a strange and friendless place. It is a glorious transition from the trials of earth into the joys of heaven, where we will be united with our loved ones in Christ and enjoy the presence of our Lord forever."

Born on May 28, 1937, Reid died on June 22. Her thanksgiving service was held at the Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Duanvale on July 21.

Lorna Williams, an adopted daughter remembered her as a "rounded teacher who served with pride and dignity. She would always go the extra mile to get the best out of her students. She was a wonderful person who was never too busy to give a helping hand to anyone, whether work, church or community."

Telka Holt, in her tribute, described Edwards as one who dedicated a lot of her time and talent to her church.

"She would never miss a service, unless she was sick. Serving God was her top priority," Holt said.

Reid was buried in the Duanvale Cemetery.

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