Van explodes at gas station

August 05, 2018

A van exploded at a gas station in Rockfort, Kingston on Sunday. The shocking incident took place as the driver attempted to get fuel. 

The occupants narrowly escaped death or serious injury when the vehicle burst into flame at the Rubis gas station on Windward Road, Rockfort. 

"Bwoy, me honestly think a judgement day and dis a di fire whe dem a talk bout, and me never too prepare for it," one woman said.

"Me just hear one big booom and the place shake. Me couldn't move. All me know the driver blaze from the van like Flash Gordon," the eyewitness added.

 Another woman reported hearing a loud sound before witnessing the flames.

"Me just hear pow from under the van and see when the people dem jump out. It look like the van just nuh good or the engine did on. Me don't know if anyone was smoking, but me glad it nuh end a different way cause a would one big disaster dis," the woman said.

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