Bike robbers creating mayhem

August 13, 2018

Abby Brown's* bandaged right hand tells the horrific tale of what transpired as she tried to defend herself from being robbed of $150,000. The 27-year-old said she was elated when she collected her partner draw last Wednesday. She had plans to purchase back-to school supplies for two of her three children.

The cashier told The STAR that she had just exited a taxi in her Kingston 20 community and was walking to her house, which is located metres away.




"Me really see the bike a come from the opposite direction but me never did a pay it no mind. It pass me and then next ting me know it just make a fast turn, and the person on the back jump off and demand me bag," she said.

Brown said she pulled away and decided to make a run for her gate but this only angered her attackers.

"The one whe a ride run me dung and use the bike block me and the two a dem get really mad. All when me dash the bag give him, him lick me inna me face really hard. The one who was on the back pull out two gun out a him waist and tell me him will empty all a it in mi face," she said.

Brown said she had peed herself even as she begged the robbers not to kill her.

"I was leaned against my gate and I felt a sense of relief when he put back his gun in his waist, but the other one was contemplating if they should follow me inside the house to see what other valuables I had in there. My kids were home with my little sister and prayed that dem change dem mind," she said.




Brown said the rider yanked her stainless steel chain from her neck, pulled a ratchet knife and aimed at her face. She said she lifted her arm to shield her face and was stabbed in the hand.

Brown said she did not report the matter to the police out of fear and even lied to her doctor when she sought medical help.

"Me fraid because dem never hide dem face and dem know say a deso me live, so me just leave dem to God because my eye wata naah go in vain," she said.

Brown is one of many persons who have been targeted and robbed by bikers in the Corporate Area. Superintendent Gary Francis, commanding officer for the St Andrew South Police Division, said he is imploring persons who have had similar experiences to report the matter to the police, stating that he is aware of the 'biker criminals'.

"Do not keep these incidents to yourself, report them so that these criminals can get the full length of the law," he said.

* Name changed to protect identity

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