Lilliput footballer dies after tough tackle


August 14, 2018
Nicardo Morgan

Tragedy struck in a football game in Lilliput, St James, on Sunday afternoon when a player, who was allegedly sent flying by a rough tackle, fell on his head and later died.

The dead man has been identified as 35-year-old Nicardo Morgan, who is popularly known as 'Marco' or 'Hardo,' of Bob Man Hill, also in Lilliput. He was one of the top players on his team, the Lilliput Rovers in the community Corner League game.

"Marco was a very good father, uncle, and friend," said Patrica Bailey, the deceased footballer's niece. "He was well-loved by each and everyone in the community. He was a very jovial person. He loved animals a lot."

Bailey, who was at the game, played at the community's playing field, saw the tackle but initially did not think much of it.

"We saw when he was knocked down by the other player but no one knew that he was injured so seriously," said Bailey. "Nobody believed that the tackle, as rough as it was, would cost his life."

Reports are that at approximately 4:30 p.m, Morgan, who was overlapping from his position in defence, came under a heavy tackle, which sent him flying. He reportedly landed heavily on his neck. Several attempts were made to revive him but those failed. He was rushed to the Falmouth Hospital, in Trelawny, where he was pronounced dead.

"It was just a sad day for the community, football also brought us a lot of joy but today we are all mourning," said a resident. "Hardo was a good youth and it really sad to see him go that way."

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