Hospital's negligence is killing my father - Woman blames facility for dad’s worsening health

August 16, 2018

Andrea Williams is a disgruntled woman. She says she is now forced to watch her father's health deteriorate because of negligence at a rural hospital.

Williams said her father was admitted to the hospital after complaining of severe stomach pains on July 31.

"He had to sit in a chair for two days because there were no available beds. He came in with a heart condition, pneumonia and a tumour, which we are now told is cancerous. He has now contracted two serious infections and is on the brink of dying," she said.

She said that in addition to being placed on IV with no nutrition for almost two weeks, things went further downhill after he did a colonoscopy on August 9.

"He could speak and walk when he was admitted, but now he can no longer speak. He can only shake his head and nod to my brother and other family members. We paid for everything they wanted," she said.




"My sister even called the customer care department of the hospital to explain she had to clean the mucus from his mouth, and the response the nurse on duty gave was that they did not want him to swallow so that is why they did not allow him to brush his teeth for over 13 days," she added.

Upon realising that the 68-year-old was not being adequately cared for, Williams said that she requested a transfer to a Corporate Area hospital, but was told that this will only be done if they could not manage his situation.

Earlier this week, Williams said that her father was finally given a tube to remove the phlegm and the mucus off his chest. He was also given medication to reduce his heart rate. However, she said that the family was later told by a surgeon that they could not manage his situation and that they need to get a space for him at the Kingston Public Hospital or the University Hospital of the West Indies, but there are no beds.




"We have been asking all along for them to move him. Now the hospital staff is going to tell us that one of the infections that he contracted is sepsis, and he has no or very little chance of living. Yes, he went in very sick, but the staff has killed what little hope he has of living," she said.

THE STAR got a copy of a response from a representative from the Ministry of Health, which states that Williams' complaint was forwarded to the Standards and Regulations Divisions of the Ministry of Health, which is the unit that deals with complaints. The matter was also sent to the Office of the Chief Medical officer.

Still, Williams is not satisfied.

"My father served this country in the police force for over 40 years, and this is his reward when he got sick? I will not rest until someone is held responsible for their actions. We need our father moved today to get better care, and we are praying he has a chance of living," Williams said.

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