Bomb scare shuts down Duncans

August 22, 2018
Duncans Square in Trelawny.


Business in the busy town of Duncans in Trelawny came to a sudden halt yesterday after a bomb scare at the court office.

An officer of the court told THE STAR that nearly 800 traffic cases had to be postponed until September 18.

When THE STAR expressed surprise at the number, it was explained that traffic cases are tried on the first Monday and third Tuesday.

The first Monday of August was Independence Day, so all those cases were added on to the third Tuesday (yesterday).

Mothers who usually pick up maintenance cheques were also affected.

Stephanie Hibbert, a 35-year-old mother, told THE STAR, "I travelled from Negril to pick up my maintenance cheque only to be told the court office is closed. I need the money to pay my son's school fee which is $22,000 at a prominent school in the west."

Detective Inspector Simeon Hamilton of the Trelawny Police told THE STAR that at 9:52 a.m. yesterday, a telephone call was received by the court office.

"The voice on the telephone said, 'justice has to be served because my friend was given a hefty fine for trafficking drugs and the court office is going to be destroyed by a bomb which is planted there'," he said.

Hamilton informed that all businesses within the vicinity of the court were ordered closed and the area cordoned off.

Officers from the police's canine division combed the area in search of any explosive.

After a lengthy search, no explosives were found.

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