Real disgrace! - Children's activist says video of foul-mouthed boy is unacceptable

August 31, 2018

Children's activist and founder of Hear The Children's Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine, said the behaviour of the foul-mouthed youngsters speaking in a set of videos circulating on social media is most unacceptable.

In the videos, a little boy who appears to be no older than seven, is seen cursing another child.

"Man f*** yuh, dog and puss f*** yuh, everything f*** yuh inna da one p**** deh," he said to the little girl, who responded by saying that he was having a sexual relationship with his brother.

According to Blaine, the video is extremely depressing, and blasted the adults who could be heard laughing in the background.

"I watched this video with a broken heart and pure distress. The raw sexual language that the child is using, obviously this is the child's reality. And to hear the adults laughing in the background is a real disgrace. I would want to know if it was an adult who taped and circulated this, because in a sense, this is child pornography," she said.

Blaine told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is imploring the authorities to take the necessary step to curb this growing trend.

"This video is extremely distressing, and shows why so many of our children are sexually active at the youngest age. These cases must be investigated to see if he is in need of proper care and protection. My heart bleeds for the children of Jamaica," she said.

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