Back-to-school treat attracts kids and parents

September 03, 2018
The host had no problem keeping the audience entertained.
The Kiss cake was just as sweet as this little one.
This young dancer outclassed her competition while doing the 'Fling' dance move.
The line for snacks was never empty.
Parents were also on hand to enjoy the event with their kids.
Snow cones were perfect to tackle the summer heat.
Many children lined up to get their faces painted.

The Boulevard Shopping Centre came alive last Friday with the second annual back-to-school treat. The event attracted a large number of adults and children, who participated in the offerings from several stores on the plaza.

Garth Powell of Always Stay Connect Phone Store said that he saw it necessary to host the treat to show how appreciative they were of their consumers.

"All businesses strive from consumers, and they are why we still exist. This is really our way to say thanks, especially the surrounding communities that continue to support us," he said.

Powell said that the venture has grown dramatically since its debut last year with the help of stores in the plaza and sponsors.

"This year, everything was executed in very little time, and we are pleased with the results. The children are happy, the parents are happy, and we are going to ensure that everyone leaves here with a prize," Powell said.

Throughout the day, dozens of children participated in numerous activities and walked away with gift baskets and prizes from OMG Cafe, Lee's Food Fair, LASCO, Lyrics and other sponsors. While most of the patrons opted to 'battle' for prizes, others made good of the rides and snacks provided.

"We came to visit a friend next door and decided to come across with our son, and so far he is enjoying himself. He hasn't won a prize as yet, but I am certain he won't go home empty-handed," Reano Young Sr said.

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