Mayor urges residents to prepare for storm


September 12, 2018

Extensive preparation is now under way in the fishing villages along the St Elizabeth south coast as fear heightens in the wake of a possible threat that the country could soon face from a hurricane.

As The Central STAR took a trek along several coastal communities, fisherfolk were busy making preparations, should the island become affected by the pending threat from Tropical Storm Issac, which is presently following the same projected path of Hurricane Gilbert that pounded the island on this same day 30 years ago.

In Black River, Parrottee and other areas, fisherfolk say they are taking no chances and are closely following the news bulletins

Efforts to get comments from family members of persons on the Pedro Banks have all been unsuccessful, however The Central STAR was told that relatives have been making contacts with fisherfolk there, encouraging them to leave the cays and head for the mainland.


Meanwhile, Mayor Derrick Sangster, chairman of the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, said that the corporation is already preparing for any possible disaster.

"I have been having discussions with the parish disaster coordinator to ensure that proper preparations are in place," Sangster said.

"In addition, we have issued instructions to councillors and those on the south coast to encourage constituents who have relatives on the Pedro Banks to encourage them to return to the mainland."

Sangster further outlined that the matter of preparedness will be high on the agenda of the municipal corporation at its monthly meeting tomorrow.

"What we hope to do is to have a shortened monthly meeting which will be followed by a more detailed discussion of preparedness plans for the parish," he said.

He also said that he is encouraging residents of the parish to ensure that their individuals preparedness plans are in place in the event that the country is affected by the impending disaster.

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