Lacelles Smith buried on his wedding anniversary

September 18, 2018
Pallbeares carry the casket bearing the remains ofLeon Jackson
Leon Jackson Shanoya Draggon plays the steel pan at the funeral of her grand-father, Lacelles Smith.

On August 17, Lacelles Anthony 'Fuzzy' Smith died in Florida. He was born February 17, 1934.

His funeral was held at the Waldensia Baptist Church on Saturday, September 15, which would have been the 55th anniversary of Fuzzy and Daisy, the mother of his 12 children.

But instead of it being a day of renewal of vows, family and friends turned up at the Waldensia Baptist Church in Trelawny to salute the former cop.

Smith served for 35 years in the Island Special Constabulary Force and "never pulled his gun, nor was he ever cited for any form of corruption". So said sSergeant Wayne Wallace in his tribute to Fuzzy on Saturday.

A Christian man who was baptised on Christmas morning 1987, the life he lived brought out a wide cross section of the community.

"He was a caring and loving person to all," daughter-in-law Sylvia Smith said. "He loved his wife and children and was hardly ever absent from church."

Smith's body was buried in the buried in the Reserve Cemetery.

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