Infant drowns during heavy rains

October 02, 2018
Crime scene

The body of a child was found yesterday evening in May Pen after heavy rains caused flooding in sections of the town earlier in the day.

The body was found between Bucks Common and Sewell Crescent.

The child is believed to have been washed away earlier in the evening as he made his way home. He is believed to have drowned.

It is unclear where he was at the time he got into difficulty.

The May Pen police processed the scene last night where the body was found, but up to press time last night had not released a name.

Following a consistent downpour which lasted for about four hours, the roads leading from Guinep Tree to Manchester Avenue, and surrounding environs of Howard Avenue, Gratton Avenue and other off roads in the parish capital were flooded out.

Councillor for the Denbigh division, Joel Williams, who was at the scene where the body was discovered, called the incident a tragedy that could have been avoided.

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