Shanaye Howell getting ready for the skies

October 03, 2018
Shanaye Howell

Shanaye Howell, 17, is now looking forward to starting the journey of being a flight attendant when she starts classes at Colbourne College in Kingston.

She could not hide the excitement in her voice as she spoke about her career choice with the CENTRAL STAR.

"I love planes. I have always been excited about the prospect of getting the opportunity to fly to various places. Some people are paranoid about being in the air, but not me," she said with a smile.

Howell was a top CSEC student for Vere Technical High School this year. She copped eight subjects in the exams.

"I honestly was filled with trepidation, but I managed to put that behind me as I prayed and just tried to relax and reminded myself that I studied," she said.

Although she is accustomed to be an honour-roll student throughout her years at the school, Howell said she didn't know she would have outperformed her peers.




Howell said she enjoys sewing, singing and learning foreign languages "If I am preparing to be a flight attendant, I will need several languages, you never know where I will end up," she said.

And it's a good thing she has a passion for learning something new and has an adventurous spirit. She said she can't wait for the chance to explore new countries, languages and cultures.

But until then, she said it's all about getting ready for college and conditioning her mind for the challenge.

Howell, who lives in Longville Park, said her mother has been chiefly responsible for the strides she has made.

"It's her resilience and drive and the many sacrifices she has made to ensure that I keep achieving, and of course, her belief in me pushes me beyond my limit," she said.

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