Biblical Streets: Curbing crime with music

October 22, 2018
This artiste is one of the many acts who go to Sanley Spence's studio on a regular basis.
Sanley Spence says his recording studio has been helping to maintain peace on St Johns Road, St Catherine.

Political warfare was the cause of a long-standing feud and division in St Johns Road. According to the residents, for years the St Catherine community remained on edge as thugs from both parties viciously fought each other.

"I partially grow up on Johns Road, so I am familiar with everyone. Back then, the place was nice because everyone was one and then it became two sides, and all hell broke loose after that," Sanley Spence said.

Spence, who is more commonly known as Little San, said that the crime rate was so alarming that it continues to leave a bad imprint on the community.

"People are still afraid to come here, but right now nothing nah gwaan. It's a peace thing going on for more than five years now. One time, every week somebody used to drop because a politics, but that nah happen again. But the place still a get bad name," he said.

Now that the unity is being maintained in the area, Spence said that he has been trying to make it a permanent thing with the introduction of his Icey Boy Recording Studio. He said that the venture has given hope to a lot of youth, who are using the opportunity to showcase their musical talent.

"Nuff man used to pick up gun, and now dem nuh wah see dat again because them realise say money can make off a music. The thing is, the youths dem just need something to look to weh positive, and this is one way dem realise say dem can change them life," he said.

Also an entertainer, Spence is currently promoting his latest singles, Where Did I Do Wrong and Cause Mi Nah Tell No Lie.

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