Mi nah party out mi money - Promoter invests in small chicken farm

October 22, 2018
Andwilie Wilson tends to one of the chickens.
Andwilie Wilson smiles as he holds a chick.
Andwilie Wilson's run around in the coop.
Andwilie Wilson is very attentive as he interacts with his chicks.

At 22 years old, Andwilie Wilson is enjoying his youth. His passion for entertainment led him to hosting several parties in the St Johns Road community of St Catherine, but when he saw another business opportunity, he didn't hesitate to invest the cash.

While it may not seem like the most sought-after venture for persons his age, Wilson says he has no problem getting his hands dirty.

"Dem seh money deh pon chicken; and once it's a honest bread, I'm willing to try it. Right now, this 150 chicken can easily give me $200,000. So anyone who a my age who may look down on me because mi a raise chicken, nuh have no sense. Mi nah party out my money, mi rather invest it," he said.

Wilson also operates the family business a restaurant that was started by his mother a few years ago. He told THE STAR that his chicken farm complements and drastically cuts the restaurant's expenses.

"Mi used to have to always a buy chicken for the restaurant, and then mi just think say instead of buying, why not just raise them. In addition to the restaurant, me a supply other people," he said, while cleaning the coop.

The soft-spoken youngster added that he is no stranger to hard life, and that is why he continues to be a motivator to a few teenagers in his St Catherine community.

"One a the reason why God bless mi so is because me help out the youths dem a lot. Whatever food leave off the restaurant, me give the youth them. You have some youth who mi just order clothes online fah, because mi nuh wah see no man teef enuh, so me just play my part. Right now, me wah send back couple a dem go school," Wilson told THE STAR.

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