Wife leaves two weeks after wedding - Husband trying to get a divorce 10 years later

October 24, 2018

After not seeing his wife in more than a decade, Morris Findley is now searching for her so that he can serve her divorce papers.

Findley claims that he met his wife, Orelette Moncriffe-Findley, in 2006, and she asked him to take care of her children for sometime which he did.

"In 2006, she said that she is asking me to take care of her children and she would marry me and take me up. Mi never did care about the green card part, mi did just a help out," he said.

Findley and his new-found love tied the knot a year later in January 2007. He claims that after only two weeks as newlyweds, his wife took off.

"She took the children and moved to St Catherine some time after we get married, and that is the last I hear from her," said Findley, who placed an ad in The Sunday Gleaner to locate his estranged wife.




He said that people who have knowledge of his situation have encouraged him to get a divorce, but he has always dismissed it because he was not sure exactly where she was.

He explained that he knows she is in Florida, but he does not have an exact location.

"I know she is in the States, and I am not looking for her to talk to her. I want to serve her the divorce papers. She used me, and now people probably all want to date me, but they can't because I am married," he said.

The 67-year-old man, who lives in Portmore, St Catherine, said that he simply wants to move on with his life. He said that when she left Jamaica, she did not leave a phone number.

"She is a Jamaican, but she and her family was in some dispute and she went up. That's all I know. Mi did mek it stress mi one time till mi all end up a hospital, but mi alright now. I just want her to contact me, so I can serve the papers," he said.

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