Orange Hill stands united against crime

November 06, 2018

Despite the high murder toll in Westmoreland, which has reached 117 since the start of the year, Orange Hill residents are celebrating the community's fifth anniversary of having no criminal activities.

Hyacinth Jackson, an active senior citizen of the rich agricultural community, said the residents, who are by and large related, have collaborated to prevent persons of questionable characters from invading their residential space.

She said the level of comfort in which people live in the community is one worth emulating all across the island in an effort to bring love and peace to all Jamaicans.

"I wish in Jamaica there were more communities like this," Jackson said of Orange Hill, the place she was born and raised before spending several years in Canada.

She noted that residents are able to sleep with their doors and windows open, which serves as an indication of how much the residents have been extending themselves as their brother's keeper.

"Many houses in this community don't have grille and burglar bars on them; it's a closely knit community," Jackson told the WESTERN STAR.

She said, "Over the years, if a strange person should come in here, we investigate who they are and who brought them into the community, and from there, we would secretly call the police if they cannot give us any satisfactory information," Jackson said.

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