Youths urged to embrace police youth club

November 07, 2018
Frederick Lattray, principal of Lennon High School.

The benefits of being part of a police youth club were extolled on Saturday at the celebration of the fourth anniversary of a club in Longville Park.

"Don't be afraid of serving, of offering up yourselves. The police youth club has networking and can create opportunities," Warren Garrett, Clarendon divisional president for the police youth club, said.

Guest speaker, Frederick Lattray, principal of Lennon High School, urged young people to embrace the club as it could open doors for them. He also said that the police youth club can help persons become good citizens.

"It is a rough time in the lives of youths right now. Being a part of this youth club - one that can make a change in our society - is a good thing," he told the clubbites.

Lattray encouraged persons to seek out the unattached youths in the community and make an impact on their lives so they can become more involved.

"Don't let the devil find any work for them to do," he said.

"They always say that this is a generation of vipers, and I love to tell them that all of us gave trouble in our time. So, we just have to find another way to work together as a community so we can save many," he said.

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