Dolphins found dead in St Thomas

November 08, 2018

Four dolphins that ventured too close to the shores along the White Sand Beach in Holland Bay, St Thomas, have died.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) said one of the animals died Wednesday and three on Monday.

It said that on Wednesday, the agency received a report of a stranded dolphin along the beach. A team, which was dispatched to the area, found that the animal died.

“The incident is the second of its kind in three days as a similar incident involving three dolphins occurred on Monday, November 5, 2018 in the same vicinity. Upon arrival that day, the response team discovered two of the animals had already died. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to re-float the animal that was still alive. Veterinary professionals on location finally determined that continued attempts to re-float the animal would be futile. The animal was subsequently euthanized,” NEPA said.

The species identified on the beach has been confirmed to be the pygmy killer whale which is a small member of the oceanic dolphin family. Pygmy killer whales prefer deeper areas of warmer tropical and subtropical waters.

Monique Curtis, manager of the ecosystems management branch of NEPA, said, “A stranding of this nature along the island’s coastline is very rare and unfortunate.”

Curtis said that area is now under surveillance for other strandings and investigations into the possible cause of the incidents.

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