Lost at sea: 20 years since fishermen went missing

November 20, 2018
Hirfa Bromfield lost three close family members to the sea.

It was yesterday that cousins Neville Samuels and Evroy Campbell set sail out to sea on a regular fishing trip and failed to return.

For their relative, Hirfa Bromfield, it has been 20 years of agony.

Bromfield, who now operates a grocery shop beside the Whitehouse fishing village in Westmoreland, said that her nephew, Samuels, and cousin, Campbell, were blown away during the passage of Hurricane Mitch.

Campbell and Samuels were listed among nine fishermen who disappeared with the passage of the hurricane.

"Samuels and his cousin, Campbell, went to sea during the time of Hurricane Mitch and have not returned," Bromfield told the WESTERN STAR.

"... We never saw them again. We had no funeral for them because their remains have not surfaced," she said.

Bromfield said that the disappearance of her nephew and cousin 20 years ago was not the first time she was losing relatives at sea. Her common-law husband, Charles Saunders, also a fisherman, disappeared on the high seas in 1981.

"My babyfather [Charles] go to sea from 1981 and has not come back. The memories are still there, but over time, I have learnt to move on," said Bromfield.

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