Frances Hanson made her mark in Falmouth

November 27, 2018
Pall-bearers take the casket bearing the remains of Frances Hanson from the Methodist Church in Falmouth on Saturday November 17.

Frances Hanson gave her life in service to her church, her community and people with whom she came into contact.

Born in Falmouth, Trelawny, on November 26, 1933, Hanson spent most of her life uplifting people. She died on October 26 at the age of 85.

"She lived her life in the service for others. Mom had a great love for family members and people in general. She was a loving, kind-hearted woman of God. There was never a time when she was not willing to give of herself in the church, especially at Voris Bernard Education Centre, where she was a supervisor," Samuel Pryce said in reading the eulogy

The funeral, which took place at the Methodist Church in Falmouth on November 17, also saw kind words being said by Reverend Dr Sebert Buchanan about Hanson. In his sermon, Buchanan said Hanson was "an ardent member of the Methodist congregation. She was full of genuine love, compassion and loyalty. Sister Frances set an example for all of us, as she trusted the Lord."

Early in her life, Hanson worked as a dressmaker. She was also a store clerk in an establishment in Falmouth, and later the housemother at Granville Child Care Facility.

With her death, Hanson leaves behind Clifford, the man she married in 1958, and her son Byron.

Her body was buried at the Falmouth Cemetery.


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