Weekend Escape: Unwinding at Lyssons Beach

December 07, 2018
The newly renovated Lyssons Beach in St.Thomas is a great place to chill on weekends.
Going to the beach can be fun. Just ask these kids who were seeing enjoying themselves at Lyssons Beach in St Thomas recently.
A little boy enjoys himself at the renovated Lyssons Beach in St Thomas.
Lyssons Beach in St Thomas is a good place for fun games such as football.

The newly renovated Lyssons Beach is a good chill spot for anyone seeking to get away and soak up some sun, sea and sand. The upgraded St Thomas attraction opened to the public last month after receiving a $49-million facelift as part of the Tourism Enhancement Fund's National Beach Development Programme.

Free to the public, Lyssons Beach is ideal for families, church groups, friends, and just about anyone who is appreciative of nature, relaxation, and quality time. When the WEEKEND STAR team visited the property recently, it was not as populated as one would have expected.

Lyssons Beach now boasts five gazebos, which were not really in use as most people flocked to the shore. But the gazebos come in handy for groups who bring food and games and even people who want some shade on a blazing hot, sunny day. You also have the option of chilling in seating areas around the trees on the beach.

"Mi a come a Lyssons beach for many years now, when a just bare rock did deh yah so. It never pave down and look anything nice like this. Me glad fi see how dem improve the place," Dwayne Clarke told The WEEKEND STAR.

Safety was clearly considered in the renovation of the beach as there are three lifeguard stands. It is, however, unclear whether lifeguards have been employed to work at the facility.

With proper fencing, ample parking, and clean bathroom facilities, Lyssons Beach is a good option for chilling or for playing games like beach football, dominoes, and board games. However, try not to get too loud as it sits right across from the Princess Margaret Hospital, which is a silent zone.

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