Family heartbroken after elderly man goes missing


December 14, 2018
Seymour Samuels (left) and his son, Edward.
Seymour Samuels

When Seymour Samuels' phone rang yesterday, his son, Edward, desperately hoped that he would have heard his father's voice. But that was not the case. The line remained open for several seconds before the call was cut off.

It has been almost two months since Edward last spoke with the elderly man who went missing on October 25 in Westmoreland. The 82-year-old man was staying at Jerusalem Mountain in the parish.

Reports from the Savanna-la-Mar police are that Samuels left home for Grange Hill in Westmoreland at about 3 p.m., wearing a burgundy long-sleeved shirt, pants and a pair of brown shoes. All efforts to locate him have proven futile.

"I really can't believe my dad has been missing for seven weeks and up to now the police investigations have not reached any further. I expected that they would have pulled his phone records since the matter was reported, but no information has been forthcoming. Someone answered my father's phone on December 2 also, and, up to now, nothing," he said.

According to Edward, his father lived in the United Kingdom for about a decade before migrating to the United States, where he spent 40 years. After returning to Jamaica, where he was planning to settle, Seymour stayed with family members until the day he went missing.




"We are devastated. I recently went back to the UK as I was in Jamaica trying my best to get information. We really need some closure. It breaks my heart not knowing where he is and what happened to him. His bank account has not been touched since October 10, so it's not like he went to the ATM and got robbed or anything. We don't know if he caught another taxi from Grange Hill, but he would have nowhere to go because he doesn't usually travel on his own," he said.

Edward's wife, Clare, is also heartbroken, stating that she can hardly mention her father-in-law's name without crying.

"If we were aware of the risks, we would never have let him come to Jamaica. We are in the process of sorting out his documents for him to come to us in the United Kingdom. We honestly thought he was safe. After seven weeks, things don't look good, and we are hoping for the best, but really bracing ourselves for the worst," she said.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Seymour Samuels is being asked to contact the Savanna-la-Mar police at 876-955-2536 or 119.

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