Young farmer gets business name

December 28, 2018
Conroy Shakespeare shows off his chickens.
Conroy Shakespeare, 13, of Gutters, Old Harbour, sees this small chicken business as the ticket that will take his family out of poverty.

When Conroy Shakespeare celebrated his 13th birthday last Saturday, it wasn't about the cake and festivities. Instead, the youngster spent his evening getting business tips and learning new ideas at a symposium that was held at Life Yard in Parade Gardens, Kingston.

Among his birthday presents were his business logo and name, courtesy of Peter Ivey, president of the League of International Chefs Association.

'Lucky 7 Farms' is the official name of the teenager's budding business, which currently has a total of 300 chickens.

"As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to turn an idea into a successful venture. As such, the League of International Chefs Association has committed to supporting his new entrepreneurial journey by helping him create his business name and designing a logo for his business. After meeting him and talking to him about his vision for his business, we came up with Lucky 7 Farms," Ivey said.

In October, the Innswood High School student saved $680 from his lunch money in one week and was able to purchase six chickens. Shakespeare, who also aspires to have a career in farming, constructed a small coop to house the chickens in the back of his yard in Gutters, Old Harbour, St Catherine.

Ivey is one of dozens of persons who have reached out to help the teenager achieve his goals. First Union Financial Group and Hi-Pro Farm Supplies have also stepped in to construct a bigger chicken coop and provided bags of chicken feed and other items.

Shakespeare was also given a tablet, which Ivey believes will be instrumental for the teenager to track his inventory, do research, and track his orders. Apart from acquiring his business name and logo, the young farmer was also recognised as Youth Entrepreneur of the Year at Life Yard's Entrepreneurship Meets Live Music event.

His mother, Simone Spence, said she is extremely grateful for the help her son has received.

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