Sleeping like angels - Parents of stolen baby are now in good spirits

January 09, 2019
Walton Evans (left) kisses the head of his baby girl being held by Detective Eulett Lewis in St James on Sunday while the child's mother, Latoya White, looks on.
Walton Evans (left) and Latoya White at their home in Tangle River, St James.

A Family Court judge in St James has ordered the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) to provide supervision and mentoring services for three-week-old girl Vernesha Evans and her parents, Latoya White and Walton Evans.

On Monday, the Family Court formerly handed three-week-old Vernesha to her parents, who reside in Tangle River, St James, after she was stolen by a female last Friday on the compound of the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

At the end of the court deliberations, the judge ordered that her parents be given the opportunity to provide the care and protection that she needs.

According to Vernesha's parents, they have been sleeping like angels since being reunited with their daughter.

"Mi feel good. Mi happy now that mi finally get back mi baby after the woman did tief her. A true you don't even know. Mi cannot explain," Evans told THE STAR yesterday.

"Last night (Monday), mi sleep light. I feel like an angel," he said. "This the first time mi sleep comfortable since mi wife call me with the bad news about my baby."

Evans said that his extended family and the entire community are also happy that the baby is back home.

The child's mother is also in good spirits.

"God is with me. I have to give Him thanks and praise because me get back mi baby now. All mi have to do is stay home and take care of her. Mi feel joyful in my heart to get back my baby," White said.

"When mi realise that the lady did gone with mi baby, my body did feel numb. I was not able to feel and understand what had happened. I didn't know myself."

According to reports, shortly after 1 p.m. last Friday, the baby was snatched by a woman, who, the police say, befriended the mother and convinced her to allow her to hold the baby so she could comfortably use the bathroom.

The matter was then reported to the police. Investigations led the lawmen to a house in Norwood, St James, on Sunday where the baby was found. A woman and her partner were taken into custody in relation to the abduction.

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