Fraud accused has bail conditions varied

January 15, 2019

A British national who allegedly failed to deliver several backhoes that he had been paid PS53,000 (J$9,087,865.15) to supply in 2017 had his bail conditions varied when he appeared in the St James Parish Court last week.

Andrew Taffe, of London, England, and Kingston 20 addresses, is charged with fraudulent conversion.

The allegations are that between January and October 2017, the complainant paid Taffe to purchase several backhoes and ship them to Jamaica.

However, after a period of time had passed, Taffe failed to provide the equipment or refund the money and could not provide evidence that he had in fact completed the transaction.

A report was made, and he was arrested and charged.

During Taffe's bail variation hearing on Thursday, it was disclosed that he had previously been residing and reporting to the police in Kingston as part of his bail conditions but had relocated to St Elizabeth for work.

The court was also told that March 14 had been agreed between Taffe's attorney and the prosecution as the date for a plea and the case-management hearing.

Presiding judge Kacia Grant subsequently adjusted Taffe's bail conditions so that he could report to the Lacovia police in St Elizabeth once a week.

"Your bail is extended but varied for you to return to court on March 14. You will now report one day per week at the Lacovia police station, and all other conditions of your bail remain," Grant told Taffe.

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